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    What safety checks should be done before the motorbike?



    上传时间:2018-03-16 14:57:31


    Before the motorcycle is out of the car, the necessary safety checks should be carried out to ensure that the various parts are flexible and effective.

    Taking a two-wheeled motorcycle as an example, the following aspects of safety inspection should be carried out before departure:

    1. How is the free stroke and function of the brake lever (free travel is about 15-20mm);

    2. Whether the wheel is loose or skewed; 3. Whether the air pressure of the tire is suitable;

    4. Whether the wheel key is loose or too tight (the wheel key is tightly checked, you can press the wheel button with your finger, it is better to use about 20mm), whether it is lack of oil;

    5. Whether the handlebars are flexible, whether there are metal cords hanging, and whether there is looseness;

    6. Whether the front and rear damping effects are normal, and whether the left and right shock absorption red fruits are the same;

    7. Whether the various indicators are normal; 8. Whether the mirror has been adjusted;

    9. Whether the muffler has good sound elimination effect, the installation is firm, and there is no loose damage;

    10. Whether the exhaust emissions are normal, whether there are black smoke or blue smoke, which are not in conformity with the discharge standards stipulated by the state.